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Unashamedly elitist science fiction

best SF reads in 2016

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Unashamedly elitist science fiction

best SF reads in 2016

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Rhapsody Angel
It’s a bit embarrassing to have to admit this but in 2016 I managed to read just three science fiction novels. Which makes it a bit difficult to do a Best Reads of 2016 list! However the three SF novels I did read were all quite good. So here they are, with links to my reviews.

The best of them was E. E. "Doc" Smith’s The Skylark of Space from 1928 which really is terrific fun space opera.

The other two were Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1929 The Maracot Deep, a rather strange but intriguing lost civilisation story, and Philip Francis Nowlan’s The Airlords of Han (also from 1929) which was the second of his Buck Rogers novels.

I did read a handful of SF short stories including Laurence Manning and Fletcher Pratt’s excellent 1930 tale The City of the Living Dead. And I reread C.L. Moore’s wonderful Northwest Smith adventures from the 1930s (which are perhaps more accurately described as a mixture of science fiction, fantasy and horror).

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