Alien Seed (Space: 1999)

Gerry Anderson's much maligned and perhaps slightly underrated 1970s British science fiction TV series Space: 1999 spawned a very extensive series of spin-off novels including quite a few original novels. These included E.C. Tubb’s Alien Seed which appeared in 1976.

Alien Seed is one of the more successful TV tie-in novels that I’ve read so far. It’s slightly more serious in tone than the television series but it still manages to feel like a genuine Space: 1999 story. It’s quite ambitious, it's reasonably intelligent and on the whole I think it can be said that it's a succees. It’s definitely worth checking out. Here’s the link to my review.

Village of the Damned


Edgar Rice Burroughs created a number of extraordinarily well thought out imaginary worlds, of which the Pellucidar cycle was one of the most interesting. The second book in this cycle, Pellucid, appeared in 1923. Here's my review.